enterEurope Pilot
On the way to Europe

Program Erasmus+ KA1 / Konsortium
Project name
enterEurope Pilot
Project acronym
Project partners
Middelfart Kommune, Middelfart, Denmark
Scolastico Regionale per l’Emilia-Romagna, Bologna, Italy
Schulamt Märkischer Kreis, Lüdenscheid, Deutschland
Education on the Ionian Islands, Corfu, Greece
CEP ARACENA, Huelva, Spain
Partner consortium
NMS 1230, Dirmhirngasse 138
OVS 1230, Draschestraße 96
FMS 13/23, Anton Baumgartner-Str. 44
GTVS 1230, Anton Baumgartner-Str. 44
FIDS 1230, Canavesegasse 22a
NMS 1230, Anton Baumgartner Str. 119
VS 1230, Sta. Christiana Rodaun
FIDS 1020, Holzhausergasse 5-7
GTVS 1020, Wehlistraße 178
OVS 1020, Wolfgang-Schmälzl-Gasse 13
NMS 1010, Renngasse 20
VS 1050, Einsiedlergasse 7
ASO 1050, Dielgasse 2
PNMS 1040, Karlsplatz 14
PNMS 1060, Liniengasse 21
Project duration Dez.2020-Dez.2022

The “enterEurope / Pilot” consortium addresses the needs of local school development and the opportunities under Erasmus +. The project is the pilot for the new Erasmus+ strategy of European Office.
The project is intended to give teachers the opportunity of job-shadowing in European partner schools on the topic of “school democracy, intercultural understanding and participation as the basis of violence prevention”. Main goal is to give teachers and head teachers who have never attended Erasmus+ the chance of new experience. They should also be encouraged to develop and submit future projects independently. Furthermore, the participants should be introduced to new ideas for school development processes.