Mehr als 3500 Schüler:innen aus 142 Klassen haben sich beteiligt – wir gratulieren den Gewinner:innen!

Endlich war es soweit – nach einer zweiteiligen Bewertungsphase erhielten die TOP TEN Beiträge ihre grünen Preise noch rechtzeitig vor Weihnachten. Eine Jury von Nachhaltigkeitsexpert:innen prämierte zusätzlich die besten Aktionen und überreichte im Rahmen eines Schulbesuchs feierlich die Gutscheine für tolle Workshops und Exkursionen.

Hier geht´s zum Video und zu den Beiträgen der Gewinner:innen

Ein großes DANKE an alle Teilnehmer:innen für die engagierten Aktionen für ein grüneres Europa!

Austrian State Prize for Europe, 2022 – European Office in the top three

Every year, the State Prize is awarded to individuals or institutions that have promoted a deeper consciousness or a better understanding for Europe in Austria.
This year there were almost 150 entries and the KreativCHALLENGE project from the European Office of the Board of Education for Vienna made it into the top three in the category ‘Europe in Schools’.
A huge thank-you to all the teachers and schools who took part in the CHALLENGE in 2021 and who made the project into what it has become: namely, something very special.

Vienna goes Europe: Job-shadowing in Europe, 2021-2027

The European Office of the Board of Education for Vienna is currently implementing ‘enterEurope’ a large job-shadowing project financed by the EU Erasmus+ programme. The aim of the project is to offer Viennese headteachers and teachers who have never visited a school in another country the opportunity to job-shadow in schools in our European partner regions focussing on topics such as school democracy, STEM, Green Europe, to mention only a few.
Teachers and headteachers have already visited Lüdenscheid (DE), Corfu (GR), Paris (FR), Barcelona (ES) and Zagreb (HR).
The motto is: Learning together and learning from one another.

STEM* – Girls Go Technical

On 19 May 2022, a regional network meeting took place in the context of our Erasmus+ Internationalisation Strategy enterEurope. The topic of the meeting, which was hosted by the Higher Technical College Vienna-West was ‘STEM – Girls Go Technical.’
The headteacher, Thomas Angerer and his team made it possible for the schools who are involved in the project to exchange experiences, to network as well as to discuss with members of the education inspectorate what the next steps for school development are.
The European Office of the Board of Education for Vienna is looking forward to these next steps and to continue working with the partners.
*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

Click here for the HTL4kids podcast

Interpedagogica 2022

During this year’s special educational fair, the Interpedagogica, the European Office showcased different projects with varying topics and contents ranging from coding to mechatronics to languages and mathematics.
Teachers who visited our info-stall had the opportunity to test their own digital competence as well as receive specialised advice for the implementation in the classroom of the micro:bit, the start-box mathematics and start-box language.

European Day 2022

This year’s European Day was on 7 May and took place on Vienna’s Mariahilfer Street where there was a very interesting culture programme as well as info-stalls with plenty of activities to encourage audience participation.
Of course, the European Office of the Board of Education for Vienna was there with an exciting programme showcasing the office activities as well as passing on information and collecting the public’s ideas about ‘Europe in the Future’.

KreativCHALLENGE 2021

Enhancing the 2021 EU Future Conference, more than 50 Viennese school classes participated in the KreativCHALLENGE competition that was planned and organised by the European Office of the Board of Education for Vienna by submitting nearly 200 colourful contributions illustrating the topic ‘YOUR IDEA FOR OUR EUROPE’.
This was a real achievement considering the strict COVID restrictions that were in place at the time and goes to show that Europe is popular in our schools.

Video KreativCHALLENGE

Europe is Waiting for You

Viennese schools want Europe, and the internationalisation strategy of the Board of Education makes it possible. The Erasmus+ team at the European Office developed the enterEurope project, which will enable, by 2027, many motivated teachers to meet their counterparts all over Europe and start to network with them.
This very ambitious strategy is financed by the EU Erasmus+ programme and interested teachers from all types of schools teaching at all levels can attend our project application workshops.
Europe is waiting for you.

Start-box Language and Start-Box Mathematics

Thanks to the EU project CODES and following on from the start-box language, all Viennese primary and special needs schools will receive a start-box mathematics mathematics in the academic year 2021/2022.
The Educational Director of the Board of Education for Vienna Heinrich Himmer would like to wish all recipients enjoyable and successful teaching lessons with their new start-box.

Language-sensitive STEM teaching

The BIG_inn and the EduSTEM project teams at the European Office have started exciting new projects about exploratory learning with partners in the neighbouring countries.
In the academic year 2022, teachers from around 100 primary and lower secondary schools will attend our STEM workshops and receive not only an introduction to language-sensitive STEM teaching but also a STEM starter kit including materials to carry out experiments, a stereomicroscope, scientific models and much more.