European Spotlights

Program Erasmus+ KA1 / Consortium
Project name
European Spotlights
Project Acronym
Project partners
SAXION, Academie Pedagogiek en Onderwijs / NL
Project duration 1.12.2020-1.12.2022

European Spotlight” is a consortium project of the Vienna Board of Education and the Centre for the Promotion of Giftedness and aims to accompany the participating school locations on their way to a school development that promotes giftedness.
The professionalization of heads of schools, teachers, and members of school supervisory board with regard to the topic of promoting talent and equal opportunities for all pupils in the sense of inclusion and the further development of innovative teaching settings – a broadening of the perspective through new experiences and insights into other international school systems – are in focus.
Opportunities for development arise from the mobilities and their newly gained experiences and impressions for the schools in terms of school and teaching development, based on the autonomy package. The school supervisory board and the members of the Vienna Department of Education thus broaden the perspective on possible needs and new opportunities for schools and their individual needs and can thus provide valuable support in further development.
The required further development in the area of the promotion of giftedness at all schools, which will be specified by the BMBWF in the following years, anchored in the RZL Plan, shows the need for action and the need for action of the Vienna Board of Education. Through the input, the enriching experiences, the view beyond the familiar environment, new topics will be found in the SQA topics in future and school and teaching development will experience innovative further developments. It should be noted that this development is subject to a process which will slowly but steadily establish itself and progress.