ViC - Vielfalt als Chance

Program Erasmus+
Project name
Vielfalt als Chance
Project acronym
Project partners AT
Stadtschulrat für Wien, Europa Büro (AT)
GTKMS/GTNMS Anton Sattler Gasse (AT)
NMS Brüßlgasse (AT)
NMS Dirmhirngasse (AT)
NMS Enkplatz (AT)
NMS Glasergasse (AT)
WMS Kauergasse (AT)
NMSI & JHS Konstanziagasse (AT)
NMS Reisgasse (AT)
Europäische Mittelschule Wien (AT)
College Hernals (AT)
Project duration 09/2016-08/2018

The project focussed on diversity: a new innovative curriculum, methodology and didactical guidelines as well as pre- and in-service training workshops for teachers interested in diversity were developed. The international workshops and conferences offered excellent opportunities to develop new methodologies and didactical guidelines that proved to be very useful resources in classroom teaching. The project goal: to train ‘Vienna Diversity Coaches’ (VDC) so that they can offer diversity workshops in the whole of Austria.