Program Crossborder – Interreg V-A Österreich-Ungarn
Project name
Project acronym
Projekt partners
Landesregierung NÖ, Abtlg. Kindergärten (LP) AT
PP2: West Pannon Regional a. Economic Develop. Public Non-Profit Ltd., HU
PP3: University of Sopron, HU
PP4: Bildungsdirektion für Wien, Europa Büro, AT
PP5: Wiener Kinderfreunde, AT
PP6: Land Burgenland, AT
Project duration 01.11.2019 – 31.10.2022 (36 Monate)

Three main goals that will benefit schools in Vienna:

  1. Development of language-sensitive teaching and learning material for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) for Kindergartens, primary and lower secondary schools
  2. Organisation of regional and crossborder seminars, lessons observations, field trips for teachers and pupils
  3. Creation of guidelines for ‘innovative and sustainable education management’ for head teachers and school inspectors

Activities that will contribute to the project goals:

The Viennese project partners will organise regional training events (e.g. CLIL seminars, support workshops, in-service training for language and STEM teachers) for Kindergartens, and schools. In addition, school headteachers and teachers will be able to take part in four lesson observations in schools in Lower Austria, Hungary and the Burgenland as well as visit four regional institutions with special STEM potential in Lower Austria and the Burgenland.
A crossborder expert group consisting of representatives from all project partners, the European Office, school headteachers and inspectors will develop guidelines for seminars in innovation management focussing on six educational topics. These will be the basis for a innovation management qualification. Vienna’s focus, for instance, is ‘Gender’.
Starting with the 2nd project year, all the project partners will offer regional innovation-oriented in-service seminars for school management personnel. In addition, the Viennese partners will organise a conference about ‘Innovative Education Management’ in the 2nd or 3rd project year.
Schools that take part in the project will be given STEM teaching equipment and material packages (worth approx. €2000 per school) that, of course, can also be used by other schools. Seminar participants will receive a ‘Small STEM Package’ worth roughly €400 (1 Package per Primary school, and 2 Packages per Lower Secondary school).