Cernet – Central European Regional Network for Education Transfer

Project name
Central European Regional Network for Education Transfer
Project acronym
Project partners
Stadtschulrat für Wien, Europa Büro (AT)
Stadt Wien (AT)
Stadtschulrat Brünn (CZ)
Stadt Brünn (CZ)
Kreisamt Bratislava (SK)
Stadt Bratislava (SK)
Magistrat Bratislava (SK)
Bürgermeister Büro Györ (HU)
Györ-Moson-Sopron Kommitat (HU)
Pädagogisches Institut Györ (HU)
Project duration CERNET I: 1997-2000
CERNET II: 2000-2004
  • Fostering the exchange of experience of all who are involved in the educational process
  • Increasing the mobility of educational experts, teachers and pupils
  • Facilitating the further development of foreign language competences across academic grades and geographical regions
  • Adapting the educational system to the requirements of the EU domestic market
  • Fostering the economic, social, cultural cooperation through pre- and in-service training measures
  • Developing and implementing new models of cooperation for primary and secondary schools
  • Using IT technologies to improve cooperation between the regions
  • Developing and implementing innovative educational projects
  • Scientific support for the educational initiatives