Program Interreg V-A 2014-2020
Project name
Competence-OrienteD Education for Elementary Schooling in the cross-border Region AT-HU
Project acronym
Project duration 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2021

Project partners AT

  • European Office of the Board of Education for Vienna (Lead Partner)

  • University College of Teacher Education, Vienna

  • Land Burgenland – Board of Education Burgenland

  • Private Foundation Teacher Training College, Burgenland

Strategic partners:
Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research,  Austrian Library Association,  „Knowledge Factory” –Austria, House of Mathematics,  Board of Education in Lower Austria

Project partners HU

  • ELTE, Eötvös Loránd University West Hungary – Savaria Regional Pedagogical Research and Service Center

Strategic partners:
Education District Center of Nagykanizsa, Educational District Centre of Sopron, Education District Center of Szombathely, Education District Center of Sárvári, Education District Center of Zalaegerszeg

Skills shortages, insufficient competitiveness and job market mobility are joint problems of the region as shown in the current OECD AT/HU-PISA results. The results show below/average performance in literacy, mathematics and science. However, it is exactly these competencies along with social, civic and intercultural competencies that are requirements for successful entry to the world of work.
Therefore the overarching goal of CODES is to systematically build up cross-border cooperation between educational institutions in order to achieve a positive change to this base line situation. This will already start at primary school in order to continuously strengthen these key competencies among pupils.

The planned approach is to develop and implement a sustainable overall package for primary school teachers in grades 1-4 (pupils: 6 to 10 years old) in close cooperation with educational institutions in the programme region.

This is characterized by three activities:
1. Establishment of regional information and advice centers as part of the cross-border network,
2. Development & piloting of competence-oriented teaching materials,
3. Educational programmes for primary school teachers and trainings for multipliers

Codes Trailer

14. Dezember 2018, 12:00 Uhr 


„Competence-OrienteD Education for Elementary Schooling in the cross-border Region AT-HU“

Ort: Bildungsdirektion für Wien Wipplingerstraße 28, 1010 Wien (Festsaal)

11:30 Uhr: Registrierung
12:00 Uhr: Beginn der Veranstaltung

– Einleitung und Begrüßung
– Impulse zum Thema Grundkompetenzen
– Kurzvorstellung Projekt CODES und der beteiligten Projektpartner
– Dialog und Ausklang bei einem vorweihnachtlichen Mittagsbuffet
15:00 Uhr: Ende der Veranstaltung

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