Program Erasmus+KA1 / Bereich Schulbildung
Project name
Donauwelle PLUS
Project acronym
Project partners AT
Bildungsdirektion für Wien
Volksschule Karl Löwe Gasse, 1120 Wien
Volksschule Rothenburgstraße, 1120 Wien
Volksschule Eslarngasse, 1030 Wien
Volksschule Knollgasse, 1170 Wien
Privatvolksschule Neulandschule, 1100 Wien
Project duration 1.September 2018 – 31.August 2021

The common goal of the Erasmus+ Project ‘Danube Wave PLUS’ is a fact-finding analysis of the possibilities for implementing the promotion of giftedness in selected schools in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg. In order to comply with the principles for promoting giftedness in the areas of differentiation and individualization it is necessary to gain insight into successful teacher and learning settings in an international context. There is an almost unlimited variety of models, structures and possibilities that exist in schools outside of Austria. As a result, insight and the accompanying exchange about the possibilities of implementing the promotion of giftedness in schools is therefore an essential part of school development.
In the context of equal opportunities, it is necessary to implement positive environments for pupil support and development in as many schools as possible. Various spatial concepts to promote giftedness have already been successfully piloted in a number of schools in Germany.
In the context of the project, job shadowing will be carried out in selected German schools to study the Learning House concept and the ‘Giftedness Pilots’. The inclusive approach also involves the field of giftedness. It would be important to expand the field of promoting giftedness to all pupils attending Austrian schools and the opportunities provided by job shadowing in German schools and the insight into courses that are taught at these schools offer a basis and at the same time are an enrichment. Apart from these possibilities to gain insight, participation in international in-service training events focussing on giftedness held by world-renowned experts is another important building block to increasing knowledge and understanding.
As a result of the project activities and in the context of equal opportunities and the inclusive approach, the promotion of giftedness as a cross-sectional topic for all subjects and for all teachers will be strengthened in Viennese schools.

International networking and the possibilities it offers to travel gives representatives from the various partner institutions the opportunity to increase their knowledge and expertise in giftedness through job-shadowing and participation in international educational congresses. Overlapping working phases and network meetings in Vienna offer ample opportunity for productive exchange.

The following planned mobilities will give insight into the international context:

  • Mobility (A1/1): Winter term 2018/2019 – 6th Educational congress in Münster, Germany
  • Mobility (A2/1): Summer term 2019 – Job-shadowing in Berlin schools that promote giftedness
  • Mobility (A1/2): Winter term 2019/2020 – Educational conference at the University of Passau, Germany
  • Mobility (A2/2): Summer term 2020 – Job-shadowing in Hamburg schools that promote giftedness, insight into the ongoing project ‘Giftedness Pilots”, which has been running since 11/2017.

Motivation and praiseful recognition are the corner stones for the successful development of any pupil. The focus of the promotion of giftedness lies in accepting the individual potential of every child, to strengthen it and to give it room to develop.
It is therefore in this context, that insight into the international field of promoting giftedness through the Erasmus+ project Danube Wave PLUS will enrich education in Vienna.