enterEurope DG02

Program line Erasmus+
Erasmus+ is the EU program for the promotion of education, training, youth, and sports in Europe. The 2021–2027 program period focuses on social inclusion and diversity, green and digital change, and promoting the participation of young people in democratic life.
Project name
enterEurope DG02 (eE DG02)
Project acronym
eE DG02
Green Europe, environmental and climate protection, Erasmus+ “familiarization”
Role of the EUB
Project coordination
Participating countries / regions
  • 2-3 neighboring countries
  • 1 nordic country
Participating schools of the Board of Education for Vienna
    • VS 10., Laaer-Berg-Strasse 170 (Primary school)
    • VS Selma-Lagerlöf-Gasse 20 (Primary school)
    • VS 10., Hlawkagasse 2 (Primary school)
    • VS 10., Alxingergasse 82 (Primary school)
    • VS 10., Laimäckergasse 17 (Primary school)
    • VS 18., Schopenhauerstrasse 44-46 (Primary school)
    • VS 22., Schödlbergergasse 20 (Primary school)
    • VS 22., Schrebergasse 39 (Primary school)
    • VS 22., Schüttaustrasse 42 (Primary school)
    • FIDS 10., Hebbelplatz 2 (Center for inclusion, diversity, and special education)
    • FIDS 18., Währinger Strasse 173-181/II (Center for inclusion, diversity, and special education)
    • FIDS 22., Steinbrechergasse 6 (Center for inclusion, diversity, and special education)
    • MS 10., Absberggasse 50 (Middle school)
    • MS 10., Gudrunstrasse 110 (Middle school)
    • MS 22., Anton-Sattler-Gasse 93 (Middle school)
    • FMS 10., Pernerstorfergasse 30-32 (Vocational middle school)
    • FMS 22., Wintzingerodestrasse 1-3 (Vocational middle school)
    • AHS 10., Pichelmayergasse 1 (Academic middle school and high school)
    • AHS 18., Haizingergasse 37 (Academic middle school and high school)
    • HTL 10., Ettenreichgasse 54 (Secondary technical and vocational high school)

Project duration June 2022 – May 2024

eE DG02 is intended to give teachers and head teachers who have never participated in job-shadowing programs outside of Austria, the opportunity to visit schools in European partner regions. These visits will focus on the subject of Green Europe. As part of the project, opportunities for school advancement via Erasmus+ are highlighted, awareness for new ideas regarding the school development processes are raised, and the independent project submission and implementation of Erasmus+ projects by the schools themselves is encouraged.